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We specialise in Portable Appliance Testing, a mandatory Health and Safety Regulation governed by a Code of Practice issued by the Institute of Electrical Engineers.

EasyPat offers the most flexible method of working with a variety of reporting styles to suit your needs when it comes to Portable Appliance Testing. Unlike some companies we do not tie you to contracts for years on end.  We believe our work speaks for itself so you will keep coming back to us. We don't make any wild and imaginative claims about what we can do, our reputation and customers do that for us.

Portable appliance testing (PAT Testing) is a requirement of theHealth & Safety at work act 1974 and is covered by the The Electricity at work regulations 1989.

This requires any Employer or any business that has customers or visitors to have all their electrical appliances tested.  This is to be done at the required intervals ensuring they are safe to be used for the safety of employees and any visitors. It is not only a requirement of the Health and Safety Executive but in many cases insurance companies, land lords and even some local authorities. The effects of not having a PAT certificate can cause a loss of an insurance claim (fire, damage, equipment replacement, injury, loss of earnings). The difference between showing Due Diligence and Negligence can be covered by a matter of pence per item.



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